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Cry-sis is expanding, and we are looking for two suitable volunteers to join our team!

We are looking to fill the role of Vice Chair and Secretary.


The Vice Chair role will mainly involve supporting and assisting the Chair and deputising when she is absent.


You will need:


  • An understanding of the challenges that parents face when coping with a crying and very unsettled baby.

  • To be able to support other volunteers in their role when needed. 

  • Have good communication skills in dealing with the media and other organisations.

  • To be able to keep up to date with Cry-sis issues along with our Chair and deputise if needed. 

The role of Secretary will involve being responsible for organising and setting up meetings on a regular basis in accordance with the constitution, preparing the agenda, taking the minutes and ensuring they are distributed to all members of the team.

You will need:

  • Good organisational skills.

  • Be computer literate.

  • Be able to communicate well with all volunteers.

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If you would like to be part of our team and are interested in the role's, please contact us at we'll be very pleased to hear from you!


Help wanted! New parents need you

Do you know what it’s like to deal with an inconsolable, crying baby? 


Do you understand the pressures of parenting young children?


Would you like to provide invaluable support to mothers and fathers? 


Cry-sis, Britain’s only charity offering advice and support to parents of crying babies, is building their team. 

Listeners and Committee members needed

Cry-sis needs people who:

  • Are self-starters.

  • Motivated to work roughly 2-3 hours per week, without supervision.

  • Are computer literate.

  • Have strong communication skills.

  • Have experience of coping with a crying baby.

Committee Members


Listeners are on the Cry-sis front line, manning the phones and providing much-needed support for mums, dads or carers struggling with crying babies.

Our helpline volunteers will provide a sympathetic ear and offer practical suggestions to the caller.

We will provide training and no medical knowledge is required because we do not provide medical advice.

Volunteering is completely flexible and from the comfort of your own home; you decide how much time you can donate.

Committee Members

Committee members will be responsible for supporting volunteers disseminating information and moving Cry-sis forward.

Knowledge of social media is desirable as the role will involve communicating on behalf of the charity with the public and with other organisations.

Must have experience of coping with a crying baby, along with an understanding of how this affects parents and carers.

This is a voluntary position, which requires applicants to work from home. Applicants need at least 2 references. 

To find out more or to apply please call 0800 448 0737 or email

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