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Tips for dads and partners

Becoming parents can be a difficult time, so many changes have now taken place and it can take a while to adapt. This is normal.

Many dads and partners take time off when the baby is born and this can help with the adjustment but often problems can occur when dad or partner returns to work and mum is at home with the baby.

Some fathers and partners can find it hard to cope with the effects of a baby with colic and coming home to a crying baby after a stressful day at work can be hard. Remember that mum has been with the baby all day, maybe alone and now really needs some understanding. Any help you offer, may mean that you both have a few minutes together at some point to talk through your day as well as hers.

  • Offer to cook a meal, it is important that you both eat well, maybe cook an extra portion that can be heated up next day, or leave a packed lunch in the fridge.

  • Put a wash load on, tidy up and ask if there’s anything else that you can help with, this will make a huge difference.

  • If you have an older child take over the bedtime routine, and have some real one-to-one time before bed, or look after the baby while mum spends some quality time with the other child if she prefers.

  • Could you look after your baby at home for a couple of hours while your partner meets a friend, goes shopping etc.

  • Take the baby out for a short walk in the buggy or a ride in the car to give mum a break to have a shower or even a nap, this goes a long way to easing stress.

  • If you are at work, a text or email just to say Hi or any other kind gesture will make a real difference to her day.

These ideas can of course also apply in reverse if mum is back at work and dad is staying at home to look after the baby!

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