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As the nation’s most popular birthday, September 26th approaches,

.. thousands of mums-to-be will be anxiously anticipating the birth of their baby. However, new research shows that many new mums are not prepared for colic which is one of the most common medical conditions affecting newborns, with 1 in 3 British mums admitting they were not aware of infant colic prior to the birth of their child.​

Infant colic is a common problem that affects up to 1 in 5 babies, and usually begins when the infant is just a few weeks old. Signs and symptoms include:

  • Intense crying bouts.

  • Crying in the late afternoon or evening that lasts several hours.

  • The baby’s face is red and flushed when they cry.

  • The baby clenches their fists, draws their knees up or arches their back while crying.

And while infant colic is not harmful to the affected baby, the effects of sleepless nights with a colicky baby on both mum and dad can be huge. This is why we’re supporting the Colic Awareness Campaign which is dedicated to raising awareness of the condition.