Help wanted! New parents need you

May 2020

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Are you a self-starter? Have good communication skills? Have experience of copying with a crying baby? Listeners, Committee members and treasurer needed. Visit the Volunteer page for more info.

COVID-19 update

March 2020

Under the current circumstances, Cry-sis advises that the government regulations regarding social distancing are upheld. Stay at home wherever possible, leave the house only to shop for essentials and do not gather in groups of more than two people.


Throughout this website, you will find advice to seek support from friends and family. For the immediate future, this should take the form of a phone-call or online chat. Do not meet with relatives face-to-face and do not visit the GP surgery unless essential. 


Building or joining a support network of other new parents online to share advice or simply chat, can be helpful during this quarantine period. Remember, there are thousands of other parents, just like you, all over the UK. Cry-sis is also available 9am to 10pm if you need to talk to someone.


Sharing is caring

March 2020

Last October (2019), Cry-sis produced an information leaflet that was placed in 3,000 GP surgeries nationwide. The leaflet covered topics such as how to handle an inconsolable baby, how often and for how long a newborn baby will sleep on average, when a parent should seek help from their GP or pharmacist and tips on managing colic. 


Almost 90,000 leaflets were distributed to one-third of the nation’s surgeries and with an 85% uptake rate, over 75,000 were taken. Many Cry-sis helpline callers also said that they had heard about the charity via a leaflet they had been handed by their GP. A resounding success! We hope that initiatives like these will mean more and more people will know where they can turn to for support with crying and sleepless babies.