The first few months

An in-depth guide

The birth of a baby is an exciting time – but often a challenging one too. Parents need to find ways to cope with night waking, a lack of sleep, crying which doesn’t always make sense, and with strong and sometimes overwhelming emotions. It can take time to feel things are back in control.  


Except where health or safety is involved, this leaflet does not try to prescribe the best way to look after a baby. Instead, we aim to provide information which helps parents to choose baby-care methods which suit their baby and themselves. The suggestions here are all based on research evidence about methods which have helped parents to cope. Some of them may work for you. 


Sources of information for coping with older infants’ crying and sleeping are listed at the end of this document. 

This in-depth guide is produced from a paper by prof Ian St. James Roberts, a patron of Cry-sis, gives detailed information and advice on crying and sleep problems, together with references for further reading.

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Top tip

Have you considered keeping a diary to help you monitor your baby's crying and sleeping?

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