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Keeping a baby diary

Practical advice and printable downloads
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Keeping a diary can help you to monitor your baby’s crying and sleeping, 

...recognise changes, duration, patterns and improvement. It may help to note the type of crying e.g. W for whinging, S for screaming, C for crying, I for inconsolable etc and the duration of each episode. Any other factors, such as time of feeding, noise, hot or cold conditions should also be noted. You may also wish to share this with a health care professional. You can download these below.

Cry-sis is concerned that many parents contacting them believe it is wrong to leave a baby to cry even for a few moments, they think that this can harm a baby. One of our patrons, Prof. Ian St.James Roberts, a psychologist, who has worked on the problems of crying babies for many years has looked into the current research on the effect of crying on babies, and his full report can be found on our resources page.

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